Why does App fail to add devices by Auto Scan?

Dear user, the following are the types of devices that support network search. Please confirm whether your device is in the following types: Wi-Fi devices: Only Wi-Fi devices that support lightning network distribution and have HomeKit functions can be discovered in Auto Scan. App location permissions need to be turned on, and mobile phones need to be connected to Wi-Fi. Bluetooth device: need to turn on Bluetooth and App location...

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Smart Lighting FAQ

Q1. Can the CloudyBay smart devices be controlled via voice commands? Yes, CloudyBay smart devices can be voice-controlled via Alexa or Google Home. You can reference the Voice control guide to get started. Q2. Can I group control 2 or above devices? Yes, you can define a group with 2 or above devices. In CloudyBay APP, you can enter the control panel of a lighting fixture first, then click the...

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What should I do when my device fails to connect to the network?

Dear user, if you are using "Auto Scan" to add devices, please click to view the troubleshooting method. If you are using the manual method to add devices, please troubleshoot as follows: Please read the product manual carefully before configuring the network, and confirm that CloudyBay App is the one recommended in the manual. Since smart products of different brands need to be registered on their own cloud servers, it...

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