DCO101793CXX Dimmer List

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Updated: 2019-11-14

Ref Brand Model Description Dimming Range Remark
1 Lutron Skylark C-L CTCL-153P Incandescent/CFL/LED  1W-17W Excellent
2 Lutron Skylark C-L SCL-153P Incandescent/CFL/LED 1.5W-16.5W Excellent
3 Lutron DIVA DV-600P Incandescent 1.2W-17W Flash when sliding to bottom,need to warning consumer
4 Lutron Caseta PD-6WCL Incandescent/CFL/LED 1.1W-17W Excellent
5 Leviton RNL06 Incandescent/CFL/LED 1.5W-17W Good
6 Cloudy Bay CBLD001WH Incandescent/CFL/LED 1.4W-17W Good
7 Lutron TG6000P Incandescent 1.2W-17W Good Need to slide up if boost from low edge
8 Lutron Mastro C-L MACL-153M Incandescent/CFL/LED 0.8W-17W Excellent
9 Lutron Lumea C-L LGCL-153P Incandescent/CFL/LED 1.2W-17.1W Excellent
10 Leviton DSL06 Incandescent/CFL/LED 2W-16.8W Excellent
11 Lutron Diva  DVCL-153P Incandescent/CFL/LED 0.9W-17W Excellent
12 Lutron TGCL-153P Incandescent/CFL/LED 1W-17.1W Excellent
13 Lutron Skylark  S-600PR-WH Incandescent 1.1W-16.9W Good Dimming range is narrow
14 Cooper  DAL06P Incandescent/CFL/LED 2W-17W Good Slight flicker in certain point
15 Leviton SURESLIDE 6674 Incandescent/CFL/LED 1.5W-16.9W Excellent
16 Leviton 6672 Incandescent/CFL/LED 1.5W-17W Excellent
17 Leviton ILLUMATECH IPL06 Incandescent/CFL/LED 1.5W-16.6W Excellent
18 Leviton SSL-7A TSL06 Incandescent/CFL/LED 2.8W-16.8W Excellent
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