LED Motion Sensor Ceiling Light,Time,Distance,Ambience Adjustable,10 inch,120V~270V 15W CRI90 5000K Day Light,for Kitchen,Garage,Hallway,Stairwell,Damp Location Brushed Nickel

Cloudy Bay Lighting Ceiling Light

  • 5-year-warranty
  • dimmable
  • etl

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  1. 【Radar Motion Sensor】The light will turn on by itself when motion detected and turn off if no further motions around. The radar sensor is so sensitive that it may activate the light sometimes even with doors/walls/windows closed.It is suggested to use the ceiling light in space such as hallways,stairwells,garage where spaces are big enough.
  2. 【Energy Efficient 】 Uses only 15W of energy,equals to100W incandescent bulb.
  3. 【Daylight threshold 】With insufficient daylight,when motion detected light on; with sufficient daylight,even when motion detected light remains off. Disabling the function to let the light turn on whenever motion detected.
  4. 【Detection Range 】4 levels of motion sensor sensitivity settings: 10%,50%,75%,100%. Maximum covering detection radius 23ft
  5. 【Lighting Duration 】4 options of duration setting: 5 seconds,90 seconds,5 minutes,15 minutes.Light will turn off automatically after the given time if no motions around.
  • Dimension: 10" wide x 3-1/4" height
  • Voltage:120V-270V
  • Power:15W
  • Not dimmable
  • Color Temperature:5000K
  • Lumens: 1050
  • Maximum Detection Range:23ft
  • Maximum Sensing Angle:150°
  • Maximum install height: 20ft
  • Motion Sensor Mode:Radar Microwave Motion Sensor

How it works

  • Radar(microwave)may go through windows/doors/walls, sometimes it's too sensitive. Make sure it's big enough where you install it.
  • Easy installation. Directly mounted on 4" Junction box.

Adjustable Setting

By switching the button combinations(12,34,56) up or down to adjust the settings.There are 4 options for each setting.

Detection Range:

  • 10% - about 6ft
  • 50% - about 10ft
  • 75% - about 16ft
  • 100% - about 23ft

Lighting Duration:

  • 5s - turn off in 5s if there is no motion detected
  • 90s - turn off in 90s if there is no motion detected
  • 5min - turn off in 4min if there is no motion detected
  • 15min - turn off in 15min if there is no motion detected

 Ambient Light Detection:with insufficient daylight,when motion detected light on; with sufficient daylight,even when motion detected light remains off

Schematic Diagram


1. The Microwaves will penetrate thin materials (<20mm), such as glass, wood, wall, etc.

2. It is not suitable to install in a small space, such as closet , laundry room or a room covered with metals (eg. steel), because the microwave will be refracted back when it meet metals, which will trigger the fixture to be self-activated (you can lower the sensitivity)

3. Motor vibration will affect microwave detection. For examples: when the fans or laundry machine is running, the fixture might detect it and start operating

4.* If you don’t want it to be oversensitive, please lower the sensitivity to the range you want (100%, 75%, 50% and 10%. See the schematic diagram above). The fixture is equipped with a photo sensor, so if you don't want the sensor activated by day, please adjust the dip switch to 5 or 6 , make it 10Lux or 50Lux.

5. The fixture is for indoor use only. If it is applied in outdoors, the sensor would be triggered by human motion, the rain, the wind or even tree swing